Preeclampsia (PE) is a condition which may develop during the pregnancy. It is marked by high blood pressure and protein in the urine and often swelling in the feet, legs and hands. If undiagnosed preeclampsia is a very serious condition that can put the mother and baby at high risk, and in rare cases, cause death. On a global basis one in six women run the risk to develop preeclampsia and 1 in 20 will develop the condition. Annually 10 million pregnant women suffer from preeclampsia resulting in the death of 76.000 women and 500.000 babies.

Quick and easy home monitoring for preeclampsia

The Smart Care Assistant for Preeclampsia is an eHealth product, a smart App on the phone or tablet with a sensor for non-invasive blood pressure and sticks for urine values. 15 risk factors, blood pressure and urine values are used to calculate and report the actual and predicted risk with the help of artificial intelligence. Early warning is provided for elevated risk levels and symptoms for preeclampsia.

The Smart Care Assistant from Femedx

The Smart Care Assistant is created by Femedx, a young company with an experienced team driven by our passion to support health care with innovative eHealth technology. Our products are developed according to the Medical Device Regulations.